February 21, 2016

Top Tech Tools for Home Buyers

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Google sheets Searching for your dream home is an exciting, and often stressful process. I’ve assembled a list of some of the best tech tools on the market to help reduce the stress and anxiety of home buying.


The key to keeping sane during the home search is being organized– especially if you are searching with your partner. Both of you will be independently scouring the internet for homes, shooting off a flurry of emails with titles like “thoughts??” or “this might be the one” with links to different homes. And if your inbox is anything like mine, an email will quickly drop to the bottom of the page and not looked at until I partake in a marathon inbox cleaning. Instead, create a spreadsheet with all the pertinent information and a shareable link.  Here is a link to a template you can use. Don’t forget to include your Realtor in the sharing; having a place for him/her to add also add notes, spec sheets, etc. will be greatly appreciated.

Google Photos 

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Trust me when I tell you that after touring a few houses they all start to look the same. Since you are already using Google for the spreadsheet I provided above, go to your favorite app store and install the Google Photos app. It automatically creates a backup all the photos you take and places in a shareable folder. Be sure to take a picture of the front of the home, address markers, distinctive features, and any areas of concern you notice.



If your search is in an urban area, Walkscore is a must-have app. Walkscore allows you to see how close a property is to local amenities like schools, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. New updates also give you Bikescores and Transitscores to help you get around whatever your chosen mode of transportation is.


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If your search involves purchasing an existing home, I can promise you that there will be things you’ll want to change to fit your style. While your Realtor might have a general idea of remodeling costs, sites like Homewyse are a great resource for finding a more exact cost for future projects.

Utilizing these four tech tools can help in your home search process. What are some of the tools you’ve found helpful? Let me know in the comment section below.

Source: Top Tech Tools for Home Buyers

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