Check Out Barbie’s New Smart Home

Yes, you heard me right. Barbie maker, Mattel, announced at the 2016 International Toy Fair in New York that the Barbie Dreamhouse will come equipped with Wi-Fi allowing users of the toy to connect to an app for voice-recognition. Kids will now be able to interact with the new smart home by saying, ““Hello, Dreamhouse.

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Super Man Caves for the Super Bowl

Whether you bleed Broncos blue and orange or are a proud supporter of the Panthers, or even if you’re just tuning in for the commercials, we’ve rounded up our annual list of awesome man caves — all ready for Super Bowl 50. Viewing essentials The “go big or go home” mantra is taken to heart

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2 Thing Tuesday

In working with lots of buyers and sellers, I come across some really great ideas. Here are just a couple from this week that I wanted to share with all  my friends: When you meet a contractor insert their contact information with their trade as the last name. I don’t remember what my electrician’s last

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5 Golden Rules of Kitchen Organization

Kitchen space utilization is all about organization; the more organized a kitchen is, the more “stuff” you can keep within reach. Here are my 5 golden rules for keeping your kitchen completely organized. Golden Rule #1–Be a Wall Flower– Utilize all the space available (this includes walls). By hanging hooks to store utensils, it’ll free

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